IT & IoT

As a Software and IT consulting company, DigiWaters has the insights into all the leading and emerging technologies to meet the ever growing needs of our clients. We deploy the best in industry processes and technology frameworks to help turn our client’s vision into actionable software solutions. To drive business growth, IT organizations need to bring innovation wherever it’s needed – whether to fast-track a new initiatives, update legacy systems, or take advantage of new technologies and channels.  DigiWaters has been helping clients innovate across all phases of the application lifecycle for many years.  Our comprehensive portfolio of application initiatives and management services combine technical and business expertise with client insight to develop tailored solutions to optimize value for your business.

DigiWaters provides services to clients that are resource limited by their in-house technical skill set required for completing a project. We thoroughly review your requirements, functional specs and other preferences to develop a strategy moving forward. The strategy includes all the requirements for your project in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We recognize that IoT represents a major market opportunity for business growth. Whether you are looking to test the market or commercialize an IoT product, we offer a range of services to ensure your success. Working along side our clients, we can create risk assessments, align business goals and achieve long-term success.

The Internet of Things is advancing at a fast rate and the improvements in the underlying technologies are the leading factors.  Whether it’s advancements in Wireless networking or the communications protocols, our ability to collect data from almost anywhere isn’t necessarily new, but its creating new business models and opportunities.  We can assist you in building prototypes for the emerging technologies so you can take advantage the future now.

IoT – Sketch It Out


What sensors do I need?


What is the best technology?


Do I need a mobile App?


Is it a user friendly design?


Do I need Cloud Support?


Do I need a Database?


What type of security do I need?


Do I need low power?


How much data?

Technology Strategy

Working alongside your executive team, one of our specialists will proactively provide strategic guidance on the latest technologies (IT, IoT, Cloud, Mobile), and insight on how to turn your internal IT team into a competitive advantage.


Deliver technology assessments that look at best fit for long-term product evolution and in-line with in-house capabilities


Contribute to strategic product planning and Roadmaps


Promote back end or cloud services to drive a well-rounded technology solution

User Experience

The adoption of digital technologies across the business can have a major impact on a company’s customer experience. Our team works with you to ensure a seamless customer experience across all aspects of your business.

We Will…

Guide you in establishing a meaningful user experience program to listen to and engage customers and end users to gain key insights that will differentiate your company and product set in the marketplace

Assess overall organizational needs – in terms of skill sets – to achieve business and product goals

Work with your leadership team to develop a strategic plan to grow the organizations capabilities in order to exceed your product and customers business goals